In a global emergent trend, most companies do not want to create their own dedicated fleet maintenance systems but still need to ensure optimal operation of trucks because of the potential economic and safety costs of systematic failure. Services such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance are meant to critically improve the performance and dependability of the trucks.

In a bid to help companies focus on their core business, VAELL (Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited) has rolled out fixed truck maintenance cost reduction program in its new business model, branded “value lease”.

Fixed costs leasing assist companies to pass on other services such as insurance, remote tracking and maintenance to VAELL which is its area of expertise at a fixed monthly cost during the rental period. This kind of rental is expected to boost value creation and clients’ business overall growth with less stress on fleet maintenance.

This initiative ensures that clients derive as maximum value as possible as well as aiding them to concentrate in their key businesses with less interruption. This optimizes commercial and operational processes.

Speaking while flagging off 15 units, VAELL Regional Procurement Manager, Jennifer Syombua said, “a target of having trucks cost less than Kes 150,000 per month is achievable with discipline of drivers and well scheduled routes. Costs will come down eventually to benefit the consumer.”

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